Mission and Values

Education Department's Vision:

All of Houston, from kids to adults, should have the opportunity to benefit from arts education programs that are meaningful, diverse, and thriving. Main Street Theater has a major role in accomplishing this vision.

Education Department's Mission:

Main Street Theater offers students a performing arts playground where professional theater artists serve as mentors. With an emphasis on creativity and collaboration, we provide hands-on opportunities for students to make an original contribution in all aspects of play production. In support of Main Street Theater’s mission, Main Street’s Education Department provides a significant resource in the community for education in theater and classical theater for kids, families and educators.

We value inclusion...

  • by opening doors of opportunity in arts education, providing need-based scholarships and residencies/workshops with schools and community groups.

We value empowerment...

  • by guiding and supporting kids to develop and respect their own creativity and critical thinking skills.

We value educating the whole child...

  • by using the tools of theater to deepen emotional intelligence, increase physical/vocal skills, and sharpen teamwork abilities, enabling students to explore the history of their own and other cultures, engage with their present, and forge their future.

We value commitment...

  • from teaching artists who are professionally skilled in their field and deeply passionate teachers, from parents who are engaged in their children’s positive growth and who support Main Street Theater’s teaching objectives, and from students who give their focused energy to the success of their performing arts team.

We value collaboration...

  • between students and their peers in play creation, between teaching artists and students in the classroom, between Main Street Theater and schools in developing new programs that address the schools’ most vital needs, and between Main Street Theater and other arts organizations in opening doors to unique learning opportunities.

We value challenge…

  • by setting a high yet attainable bar that emphasizes artistic quality, drawing on the greatest works of the modern and classical theater, encouraging students to exceed their own expectations.

We value the continuum of education...

  • from the classroom and the camp to lifelong learning opportunities.


General Information and Policies

Pledge for Students and Parents

Registration Policies and Refunds:

Registrations are accepted by scan/email, fax and mail only.* See registration form for contact info. Registration will not be accepted, and no place will be held, without full payment. The Education Office will email you a confirmation when your registration is processed. If you do not receive confirmation within ten (10) business days, please call the Education Office to confirm it was received. Registrations submitted at the last minute may not be received in time.

Refunds: A non-refundable processing fee of $50 will be deducted from the total of each cancelled class/withdrawal. No refunds are given with less than thirty (30) day notice prior to class start date. No refunds for R&P By Audition classes. Completed release forms must be turned in at check-in on the first day of class. Unfortunately, we cannot accept release forms early.) Please read the General Information and Policies posted on our website before registering.

Registrations (with full payment) accepted by scan/email, fax or mail only.* Please do not hand-deliver.

Scan/Email to: cybil@mainstreettheater.com.

Mail to:
Main Street Theater
2540 Times Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005

Fax: 713-520-7581

*Exception: Registration for R&P By Audition classes will take place on the first day of rehearsal. Please do not send in registration materials for audition-only classes prior to auditioning. There is no fee to audition.

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