SteAmwork brings the theater arts into the classroom to enrich learning in science, math, engineering, and technology. Working closely with a core curriculum specialist, our education team fuses their skills in the performing arts (using voice, body, and imagination) with scientific and technological concepts and lessons. Our partner in developing a significant portion of our SteAmwork curriculum is Lisa Felske, Curriculum Director of Science, Harris County Department of Education. Says Felske, “It is when students are  physically and creatively engaged in what they are learning, when they are physically experiencing the curriculum content, that their brains are in the optimal conditions for learning.”

SteAmwork teaching artists use the theater tools of storytelling, playwriting, visual design, improvisation, and movement to bring scientific concepts to life. SteAmwork also allows the students themselves to become 3-D models to demonstrate these concepts.  We will work with your school and specific teaching team to develop the games, activities, and projects that fit best with the subject needs of your particular classes.

To bring SteAmwork to your school, please contact the Education Department at 713-524-7998 or email Jonathan at jonathan@mainstreettheater.com.

Videography by www.RicOrnelProductions.com


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