Art Together with MST

Short, online theater classes for children –
or anyone who wants to have a little fun!

Our MainStage Part of the Art Series goes online with behind the scenes/ insider looks at productions and more.

An insider look into what happens when actors “break,” meaning they just can’t help laughing on stage! This is a gem from Joel Sandel from MST’s 1993 production of Tom Stoppard’s Rough Crossing. As actor Mark Roberts said of this moment, “Sometimes the audience wants to see the real human under the mask we wear for them on stage, and I think they thought it was a rare treat. I don’t know that I thought it was a treat at the time, but I certainly do now.”

A behind the scenes look at what happens in technical rehearsals for a play, specifically MST’s 2015 production of Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson. Shannon Emerick shares her personal experience of the process and illuminates how the director, designers, and actors all truly work together to create the world of a play.

Well, we were all ready to go with our production of Cry It Out when the world changed. We never got to give you the play, but we can take you on an insider’s tour of the set with designer Adam Thornton and director Rachel Ollagnon! Enjoy!

So part of live theater is what you do when an actor doesn’t show up for a performance and you have a full house waiting to see the play. Yes, this really happens! (Thankfully not very often!) Here is a legendary story from our history. It’s a classic example of the magic of live theater!



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