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What Teachers Are Saying…

“Our students LOVED [Chitty Chitty Bang Bang]! Our school is a good at least 45 minute drive from the theater and the children were still singing the songs from the play as they were walking back into school. I think it is SO important for children to get their faces out of a screen and instead be immersed in a real life experience. And Main Street Theater provides just that. An experience for children where they are engaged with real people and become invested in an outcome. I hope the actors and actresses there know how important what they do is. They are not just providing entertainment (although they are certainly entertaining!). They are creating an experience that encourages engagement and education as well. They are providing young minds with 2 hours of their life that they will never forget.

If you are able I hope you can share this email with all involved in the play today. Thank you all so much for a wonderful field trip! We will definitely be back again soon!”