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Part of the Art Series

  • Attend the first read-through of the script with the artists. (Free)
  • Opening Night Pre-Show Discussion with the Designers (Free)
  • Stick around after the show every Regular Friday night for our Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Free Beer Friday Event. Grab a free beer and spend some time in The Liberty Group Lobby talking with friends and fellow audience members about the show you’ve just seen. (Included with your ticket purchase – Previews excluded)
  • After-parties following Saturday night shows (included with ticket)
  • Post-show Discussion Series (Free)
  • Bring a group of 20 people or more, and enjoy a private reception with the cast after the show (included with ticket); some restrictions apply.
  • Special Events TBA.

Free Beer Friday: Following regular Friday performances sponsored by Saint Arnold Brewing Co. in The Liberty Group lobby (previews excluded).

After-parties following regular Saturday performances in The Liberty Group lobby.

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