Summer Studio Company

Summer Studio Company

Students aged 11-14 have the opportunity to explore a different focus in each class. Depending on the session, they can enroll in Shakespeare Mashup, Greece is the Word, and Original Play Creation!


We wanted to create something special for our students aged 11-14, where creativity and collaboration still formed the underlying structure, but where they could focus on different interests. The result was the Summer Studio Company. Each session offers a different focus—check out the descriptions below! Summer Studio Company is full-day and follows the same schedule as camp for younger kids, so it’s convenient to enroll younger and older students in the same time slot. As always, our classes are open to kids of all skill and experience levels, so students can feel free to try something new!

Original Play Creation: This is the summer camp you’ve come to know and love. Collaborating with their classmates, students will create and stage a short play and dance piece—and be introduced to every phase of the artistic process along the way! (MST – Rice Village Session 1 and Session 5)

Shakespeare Mashup: Students will explore the many worlds of Shakespeare in a fun and physical way, relating to the characters through their own experiences. For their final project, students will feature their favorite characters in a mashup of great Shakespeare scenes, in new settings and styles. Comedy, tragedy, treachery, and swordfights guaranteed! (MST – Rice Village Session 2 and 4)

Greece Is the Word: Ancient Greece, birthplace of theater, is full of treasure—from gods and monsters to fables and drama. For their final project, students will create pieces inspired by the richness of Greek myths, legends and literature. (MST – Rice Village Session 3)

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