House Forms

House Forms

Running Times

  • 26 Miles– Act One: 90 minutes; No intermission.
  • Lion Witch Wardrobe – Act One: 40 minutes; Act Two: 40 minutes; 1 hour and 40 minutes including one 20 minute intermission.
  • SMATs – About 60 mins. with talkback (middle school shows about 90 mins.)

Late Seating

  • 26 Miles– During first scene, after 4 actors converge from 4 corners, late seat from either door, but West lobby is easier. AFTER first scene change, West Lobby only.
  • Theater for Youth – Any time during the act with aisle access to seating. Encourage people to go into the row as far as possible.

MATCH Posters

  • All Season: Board House Right: Accommodations Poster (tight squeeze)
  • Lion Witch Wardrobe: Board House Right: TY 23-24 Season Poster, Warning Sign
    Board House Left: LWW Headshot Poster (Right Side); Sherlock Poster (Left Side), Warning Sign

Page to Stage Superstars

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Purple swag bag with Adult program (not signed) and wooden sword book mark.