House Forms

House Forms

Running Times

  • Permanent Collection – Act One: TBD; Act Two: TBD;
  • The Lightning Thief– Act One: 50 minutes; Act Two: 50 minutes; 2 hours including intermission.
  • SMATs – About 60 mins. with talkback (middle school show about 90 mins.)

Late Seating

  • Permanent Collection – After doors close, wait after opening monologue and first scene to start. You can seat from both South doors at that time.
  • Theater for Youth – Any time during the act with aisle access to seating. Encourage people to go into the row as far as possible.

MATCH Posters

  • All Season: Texas Children’s “pop up” banner (just of right of Will Call Table), TY Season Poster (indicate in House Report if it begins to look worn)
  • Lightning Thief: Board 1 (House left): Strobe effects, Haze and Fog Warning; Lightning Thief headshot poster; Season poster (see above)
    Board 2 (House right): Strobe effects, Haze and Fog Warning; Lightning Thief poster; Miss Nelson poster

Page to Stage Superstars

Lightning Theif: Lightning Bolt Pins